STL preparation for 3D printing

To produce high quality 3D prints it is important that the initial CAD file is prepared and optimised properly for 3D printing. Holes, gaps, overlapping elements, sharp and narrow edges and high triangle count may all lead to poor print quality or problems with slicing the files for printing. Using a wide range of software tools such as Fusion 360, mesh mixer and simplify3d we can analyse and identify any issues with the 3D mesh files. As 3d printers aren’t as accurate as CNC turning and milling machines it may be necessary to add addition clearance to assemblies to allow for easy assembly after printing.


In some cases we will turn your mesh files back into a solid part and the recreate the mesh in a optimal format. Model orientation, support location and materials can have a big influence on the quality of a 3D print, as such we will optimise these parameters for your chosen print. We may also suggest small changes which can help improve print quality without compromising part function.

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