CAD Conversion Service

CAD conversion service is the process of converting scan-based drawings, PDF and data on paper into accurate CAD drawings. 3rdimension delivers high-quality conversion services for product design by re-drafting the drawings in CAD with careful reference to original hard copies. We work on CAD conversion assignments of all sizes and deliver best quality outputs. At 3rdimension, our experts have hands-on-experience of converting raw data in usable and editable CAD designs. They are skilled and trained to understand the nuances of drawings related to product design and manufacture. We deliver CAD output files in the format preferred by the client. Our team uses a wide range of CAD software's with Fusion 360 at the centre of them all.

Do you have a file in an incompatible format?

Sometimes your customers can provide files in a format that is not compatible with your CAD system. At 3rdimension we have a wide range of software which we can use to convert you files to a format which you can use. We can adapt this list to suit all customer requirements. Upload your file below for a free no obligation quote. 

Let’s get started?

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