Additional Capacity 3D printing

It is great to receive large orders for 3D printing, however there can be times when the demand outweighs capacity, or the delivery time scales are very tight. Here at 3rdimension we can help provide additional 3D printing capacity to improve your yield and reduce your timescales. Our printers are available to run 24/7 and with IDEX and single extruder industrial FDM capability available we can produce many parts simultaneously. We hold a large range of material in stock so that we can get going on your project right away. With fast turnaround times and delivery, we can help your business deliver on those key contracts. As a small business we don’t have large overheads to cover in our printing costs, as such we can beat most other larger manufacturers on price. We also don’t load our prints with large start-up costs or minimum order quantity charges, so what we quote is what you will pay.

We realise that it can be a big step getting someone else to support your business, as it is your name and reputation on the line. As such we will produce your first print free of charge* and post it to you for a quality inspection. If you are happy with the part, then we will agree on a price and proceed with the batch production. All parts produced will be inspected in house to your specification prior to shipment.

*Maximum size LxWxH 200x200x100, limited to PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA, and TPU materials, exotic materials such as Carbon Nylon will incur a material usage charge.