3D models from 2D definitions

With advances in CAD and CAM over the past decade many companies are insisting on having 3D definitions. These models can be used for programming, visualisation and the design of complex tooling and assemblies. Where parts are legacy or low volume only 2D definitions may exist, these are sometimes hard to interpret, iterate and manufacture, this can lead to increases in cost, materials, and high lead times.

At 3rdimension we specialise in the accurate reproduction of your 2D definitions into 3D models. Through understanding the parts fit form and function we will create a full parametric CAD model which respects the existing part datum and dimensions. Once the baseline model has been created we then review it with the customer prior to making any required revisions. From this model we can also create a new, clearer 2D definition and if required a 3D prototype to check fit and form against your existing parts.

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